Can’t “natural Healing” And “medical Science” Work Together?

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This case is heart breaking…
A 13-year-old Minnesota boy whose family has rejected chemotherapy to treat his cancer is near Los Angeles, California, with his mother, and the pair may be planning to travel to Mexico, authorities said Thursday.
Brown County, Minnesota, Sheriff Rich Offmann cited “reliable information” in making the announcement to reporters, adding that Colleen Hauser may be seeking treatment for her son’s lymphoma in Mexico, just south of San Diego, California.
Daniel’s symptoms of persistent cough, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes were diagnosed in January as Hodgkins lymphoma. In February, the cancer responded well to an initial round of chemotherapy, but the treatment’s side-effects concerned the boy’s parents, who chose not to pursue further chemo and instead solicited other medical opinions.
Court documents show that the doctors estimated the boy’s chance of five-year remission with more chemotherapy and possibly radiation at 80 percent to 95 percent.
But the family rejected standard treatment, opting instead for a holistic medical treatment based on Native American healing practices called Nemenhah. In a written statement issued last week, an attorney for the parents said they “believe that the injection of chemotherapy into Danny Hauser amounts to an assault upon his body, and torture when it occurs over a long period of time.”
Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN chief medical correspondent, said he had no doubts about what to do.”My advice would be to treat him, without question,” he said. “He has a very, very good chance of surviving, being cured and never having to deal with this again. As a doctor, as a fellow citizen, I would say he should be treated.”
But Zwakman told CNN’s “American Morning” program Thursday that he knows five people who have been cured with natural healing.
Mankato, Minnesota, lawyer Calvin P. Johnson, who identified himself as the Hauser family’s attorney, has declined interviews but issued a statement “by way of clarification and hopefully to aid your understanding of the procedural nuances in the Danny Hauser case.”
The statement listed 12 points. Among them:
The first and foremost important principle is: It is a violation of spiritual law to invade the consciousness of another without their consent.
This is a case of Love vs. Power. Love gives. Power takes. The state does not have a right to take.
A parent’s love and affection is a positive social right we all share.
The court compelled Colleen Hauser to make a decision between three chemotherapy providers. Apparently, she didn’t like the list.
The court was forcing her to decide. The decision for treatment cannot be forced.
Anthony and Colleen Hauser share Danny’s viewpoint: They do not approve of chemotherapy. Under the circumstances of this case, chemotherapy constitutes assault and torture when given to a young man who believes that it will kill him.

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12 Responses to “Can’t “natural Healing” And “medical Science” Work Together?”

  1. Muriel L says:

    Faith, Natural healing &Medical science do sometimes work together but if medical science think that you have a better chance of survival rate using chemo they would rather you take that route, and if this case goes to court and it is proved that this lad has a better survival rate with chemo the courts will be in favour of this,and if their is no chance of survival then the parents will be left to seek alternative medicine. I do agree that chemo is very gruelling on the body but the drugs are getting better and better and more help is available in coping with the side effects from the chemo. read through this link Faith and you will see that Nemenhah group’s leader, Phillip Landis, has been convicted of fraud.

  2. Steph's Sheep Number 3 says:

    No because some natural remedies will interfere with Chemotherapy or any other drugs a patient may need
    You should never do Yoga or any sort of aromatherapy massage etc when on heavy medication – it increases the flow of blood around the body and causes the medication to be released into the blood system far too quickly and this can cause an overdose reaction where the internal organs will fail.

  3. Except, the chemotherapy will cure him. I find it sickening that his parents are going to impose their lunatic beliefs on their child to the point that he will die in agony.
    It’s horrific.

  4. la_la_la says:

    I think that they should give him Chemotherapy because one of my friends got rid of cancer thanks to chemotherapy.

  5. Nikki Sabrina Dean says:

    I dont think so i think both are totlly different thingss so no!

  6. JDstinge says:

    No it is against the word of God. It must be all natural. Or all human science

  7. wildchil says:

    going up up up

  8. Lincoln6 says:

    Big Pharma doesn’t want that. A 20 year study at a prominent NY Hospital involving tens of thousands of people showed that the best treatment for any disease is a combination of both, but the drug companies don’t want to share the pie.

  9. What, exactly, is ‘natural healing’?
    This is a sickening example of faith based thinking hiding behind labels that make it sound more rational.
    The young man’s thought processes are not informed by reality. He is being encouraged in a self-destructive delusion by people entrusted with his well being. That is assault and torture!

  10. Margaret K says:

    It is child abuse, child neglect and murder to convince your child who is diagnosed with a terminal illness that the only treatment that can save his life will kill him, and then to withhold that treatment resulting in his death. Has anyone checked on whether they have life insurance on the kid?

  11. there is no native american treatment for cancer. this group is fraudulent. they are not native. the group was started by a convicted felon..for fraud, in 1990. the mother of this boy has been tricked into thinking she is getting some spiritual authentic native remedy. what she is getting instead is a death sentence for her son and possibly jail time for herself. we natives do not have a treatment for cancer as it was never a disease we had to deal with until recent times.
    you cure a whte man’s disease with white man’s medicine. its that simple.

  12. Hypocrite - slightly here says:

    At the end of the day Faith, the child has a reduced mental capacity and isn’t aware of his options. The parents subscribe to a belief cult that has been condemned by Native American groups for misrepresenting their beliefs. The parents have been duped into this cult and the child will die without modern medicine.
    There is a lot to be said for natural medicine and relaxation techniques such as yoga, but they cannot cure this. The courts have rightly ruled that the boy be treated and his parents would rather see him die a needless and hideous death. They simply would not take any modern help.
    It’s very sad indeed.

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