Can I Resist Getting Sick Ever Again?

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Yes, but you’ll have to hack your immune system, and understand a little about the importance of enzymes.

Experts agree that a fully active and functional immune system will protect you from colds, flus, tumors, cancers, heart disease, viral infections and related conditions, and so much more! In fact, if your immune system were not impaired you would never catch colds or get sick at all! Just as exciting is the fact that many of the physical problems that you may have acquired could be healed, and the occasional physical limitations would be repaired, by the proper functioning of our immune system!

So lets talk about what it takes to supercharge the human immune system and our overall health – this information will build the foundation for being able to resist ever getting sick…

The most important processes that happen in the human body have to do with repairing and rejuvenating old cells and protecting them from foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and other toxins. These 2 responsibilities are carried out primarily by the immune system and what are called “metabolic enzymes.” Strengthening these two processes and enabling them to focus on their primary jobs of repairing and defending is how we live with the best health possible. Giving the immune system and metabolic enzymes the nutrients and materials to do their job well changes everything, and the most effective way to do that comes down to correcting one process – digestion.

Digestion happens to be one of the most taxing processes on the body, but it wasn’t always as taxing as it is today. Raw food is designed to assist with digestion. There are living enzymes in raw fruits, vegetables, even meats, that help break down the food once it enters the stomach. The typical diet in the 21st century, however, consists of cooked or processed foods of some type – food that has been eradicated of all active enzymes, but still requires being broken down during digestion. The body is then required to re-direct metabolic enzymes to assist with the digestive process. The body has a limited capacity to produce the metabolic enzymes it’s going to need throughout its lifetime, and they are not intended to be used to digest food. To compound the problem, any food particles that enter the bloodstream that may not have been broken down all the way are unable to be absorbed through cell membranes- so they become a problem that the immune system then has to deal with in removing those particles and any toxic by-products those particles may have produced. This consistent drain leads to a weakened body and immune system.

Correcting the problem of digestion buy ensuring the complete breakdown of ingested food and liberating the body from having to focus so many resources on digestion is the primary way to improve your health. The purpose of focusing on digestion is to build up and conserve high enzyme levels in the body. When the body has an abundance of enzymes, it can protect itself and repair the damage from virtually all degenerative disease disorders and sickness! The most effective way to do that is through a good digestive supplement. In fact, an effective plant digestive enzyme is the only health product able to take these unnecessary drains off the body. Just make sure to research the best enzymes before committing to a new enzyme regimen. They don’t all perform the same.

Good luck, may your health never be the same!

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