Are There Any Herbal Remedies To Help With Severe Pmt?

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I get swollen boobs which is the best part, but I also get severely moody, I cry over nothing and everything, I’m constantly tired and I feel depressed and short tempered all day long. This lasts from ovulation for me, so basically two weeks!

Vitamin B, particularly Vitamin B6, and the mineral Magnesium have been shown to be very effective in relieving some of the physical and psychological symptoms of PMT, and in regulating the menstrual cycle. Medical practitioners frequently prescribe Vitamin B6 and a course of Evening Primrose Oil for PMT sufferers. Camomile tea, taken two or three times a day in the week or fortnight before the start of a period is calming, and acts as a diuretic, removing some of the body’s retained fluid. Stronger herbal diuretics, such as boldo, dandelion, juniper and parsley piert can also be used. Most herbal diuretics work gently on toning and strengthening the body’s kidney function, with none of the harsh effects of conventional diuretics. Evening Primrose Oil and Starflower Oil both contain the fatty acid Gamma Linoleic Acid, which helps to regulate hormone balance, and has been shown to relieve abdominal swelling and breast discomfort, and also to reduce irritability and depression. There are also various things you can do that may help to relieve the tension: Avoid putting yourself under unnecessary stress or setting unreasonable goals; eat less salt to reduce water retention; reduce alcohol intake, as alcohol robs the body of essential vitamins and minerals; reduce caffeine intake by cutting down on tea, coffee and cola drinks, as caffeine lowers the body’s ability to absorb certain essential nutrients, and can aggravate skin problems; reduce intake of saturated fats by eating less meat and dairy produce, as these can inhibit the body’s production of essential fatty acids, which can result in a hormone imbalance; reduce sugar intake to combat weight gain and depression; control sugar cravings by taking a Vitamin B complex with added magnesium and chromium and relax by taking gentle exercise, such as yoga, and by taking warm baths. I do hope that some of these suggestions help to alleviate the misery, as I well remember what it was like. The website below will also give you links to reading material that you may find helpful. (I used to work for a GP and his patients used to find Evening Primrose Oil particularly helpful).


Recommended Reading

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19 Responses to “Are There Any Herbal Remedies To Help With Severe Pmt?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all, big sympathy! Here are a few ideas for you of some treatments which might help:
    Chamomile – in tea form – you’ll want one which contains the flowers not the leaves too, preferably Dr. Stewart’s, as it contains the essential oils too. Add honey, otherwise it’s an acquired taste. This will relax you. Dr. Stewart’s also do a brilliant herbal tea called “Tranquility” which really does de-stress you powerfully. It doesn’t taste very nice, and you will want to add some honey, but it certainly does the trick!!
    Evening Primrose Oil capsules – helps with mood swings, and water retention. Always a good idea for women to take this every day, as it’s good with balancing oestrogen (so I understand).
    Essential oils (either a few drops mixed into a carrier oil for massaging into pulse points if you’re on the go, or a few drops in the bath, or used in an oil burner – put some water in the dish, add a few drops and light the tea-light, making sure the dish doesn’t burn dry):
    Lavendar (relaxing), clary sage (reviving, mood-balancing, uplifting), rose or ylang ylang (uplifting). Geranium, chamomile, and neroli are all uplifting, and frankincense is relaxing, uplifting and good for meditation (always a good idea when suffering from PMT) and clear-headedness.
    Dark chocolate releases endorphins into the bloodstream, helps boost the immune system, and is a super-food (more of the good stuff and less of the fatty stuff than you get in milk chocolate). So I’d recommend eating a few squares of that if you need an extra little lift.
    Hope this helps, and remember you’re not alone in this – isn’t nature fun? At least it gives us some ways of making it better!

  2. ^^PEACE^ says:

    Well ! The Homeopathic remedy Pusatilla seems to be you consitutional remedy meaning you will find it handy in almost all of your your health disorders, If I was you I would go with Soul Doctors advice for complete cure of your problems. A lot of people here will advice you otherwise take it from someone who has seen these remedies work.
    Best of luck.

  3. cmart says:

    Have alook at the BACH remedies in health shops they cover most things

  4. Lou_Lou says:

    Take feminex they should do the trick also plenty of B vitimans

  5. suz says:

    I have same problems try evening primrose oil and starflower oil all through the month because it builds up and eases symptoms the more you use it. I also take multivitamins because pmt can be worse if your run down and if you suffer from bad cramps try rasberry leaf tea(avalible in tablets and tea bags from good health shops) and for bloating and water retention nettle tea. you can’t tell I’ve been trying to cure my mood swings can you?! I still get pmt but I don’t cry and screem for 7 days now more like 1day hope this helps.

  6. TotalBit says:

    ban all men from the universe. Just freeze the eggs.
    It will make ya feel alot better.

  7. Sabharwal K says:

    if u r residing near delhi in india then go and consult valeda ayurvedic treatment centre adjoining wave cinema hall kaushambi ghaziabad up

  8. Clive P says:

    Try Shitatsu. It works well

  9. a_delphi says:

    The herb VITEX tincture. Found in most health food stores. If taken for 3-4 months it will balance the hormones. A good vegetarian diet free of preservatives and caffeine helps as well. Food animals are given hormones when it is being raised. The meat still has it when you eat it.

  10. SARA H says:…
    this is the best thing ever invented!
    hope you feel better soon xxx

  11. Miss Behavin says:

    The best thing is a high dose – around 1000mg – of evening primrose oil or starflower oil. It really does work – it’s available in all chemists and healthfood shops – and stops the breast tenderness – but you can still shout if you want to!

  12. epbr123 says:

    These are the main two:
    Petitgrain Bitter Orange Essential Oil
    Clary Sage Essential Oil

  13. krystal c says:

    take tylenol right before your symptoms begin, this way your body transitions more easily with the monthly changes

  14. Lonelypl says:

    Chaste berry and Dang gui are supposed to be the best herbs for PMS. It balances your hormones. Check your local health food store or herbalist.

  15. sOuL dOcToR says:

    The Homeopathic Remedy PULSATILLA in 30 potency will do you a world of good not only in the symptoms you have described here but also in your general health Mental and Physical , Please do yourself a favour click the link below and read about it in detail and after reading it go and get it from your Local Health and Herbal stores. No Side Effects and No Complications whatsoever just 100% relief and 100% cure. Trust me me always keep it handy you will find relief whenever you are feeling emotional or upset or if if you have any sort of Digestive troubles or fever you will find this remedy more effective then any other you have taken in your life. See Ya :-)
    Take care and God Bless you !
    And after getting better please don’t forget to tell us all, How Good or How Bad did you found its effects. :-)
    Best Wishes and Get Well Soon !

  16. thunderc says:

    get combines starflower oil and primrose oil capsules works a treat

  17. The Alchemist says:

    It sounds to me like you need a combination of Evening Primrose oil and a herb called Lady’s Mantle (Archimilla vulgaris). These herbs will help regulate your cycle and also lessen the impact that they have on your body.
    Evening Primrose oil can be taken in capsule form and the herb made into a tea (1tsp dried herb in one cup of hot water. Steep for five mins and drink 2-3 cups per day just prior to and during menstration.

  18. alanstra says:

    dont ask me im a man, i dont believe its there anyway, its all in your imagination woman, snap out of it and put the dinner on, then you can give me a massage coz i have had a hard day.

  19. Pierrine says:

    Ayurvedic treatment is natural to cure the origin of basic element and prevent harmful supplement and cleanse the body of substances that can cause disease. Thus, often find it more comfortable as medicine kit because it contains alkaloid plant.

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