Are Centrum Vitamins Good For You? Are They Natural Or Mostly Synthetic? Do They Get Absorbed By Your Body?

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Lots of people are into health and fitness and getting into shape and eating greens and lots of people I know are supplementing themselves with multivitamins like centrum of GNC or Puritan Pride per se , but are they really good for you, What is it that we should look for ? are they really absorbed by our systems or are they going down the toilet together with your urine without any benefit at all? Which ones are really worth ingesting ,anyone with any medicine based answers? Thank you. CG.

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5 Responses to “Are Centrum Vitamins Good For You? Are They Natural Or Mostly Synthetic? Do They Get Absorbed By Your Body?”

  1. Centrum vitamins are junk. Sorry to tell you that. In fact, people who take multivitamins statistically live shorter lives than those who don’t. The actual number is 5% in the study.
    There is a very good reason for this. Synthetic vitamins are just chemical activators, not vitamins. In nature, vitamins and minerals are packaged in food with “co-factors” that are integral to the vitamins to make them work in your body. If the food is grown in good fertile soil, it will contain the vitamins with the co-factors. If they are made in a laboratory, they are made as “single elements” that have no cell resonance. A good example of this is the Centrum “B” vitamins are made from the petroleum distillate, Coal Tar. These are dead chemicals that your body will recognize as toxins. It does take the body a short time (a few days to a few weeks) to reject them completely, so they have an effect for a few days, but then damage your DNA of each cell. When the DNA is damaged, it shortens your life; simple as that.
    Additionally, ALL pills contain Magnesium Stearate that is a “Trans FAT,” immune suppressant, and inhibits the absorption of nutrients into the body by up to 80%. They always put about 5% of the total milligrams in the bottle (you have to add them up). So if you have 1,000 milligrams in the bottle, 50 milligrams will be this trans fat. Additionally, they all use talc to make the pills. This is a carcinogen. There are other excipients they put in that are just as bad for you.
    The time to dissolve is important as well. Typically it takes them about 45 minutes to dissolve. That generally means that the bulk of the pill goes into your intestines and does not break up in your stomach. Since you need to have fat in your diet to digest the fat soluable vitamins, most of those fat soluable vitamins do not get digested.
    They use ascorbic acid in Centrum and call it vitamin C, but it isn’t. Same issue, ascorbic acid is a single element and it ends up extracting the co-factors from your body to make an attempt to complete the complex as found in nature. Ascorbic Acid won’t even cure scurvy. It also depletes your body of calcium.
    The calcium in that garbage is of very low, poor quality and generally ends up as toxic to the body being dumped into bone spurs, cataracts, or kidney stones.
    If you look at about 97.5% of all vitamins, health food stores are no exception, they all contain junk and most are of the poor grade 1 or 2 herbs and many are not mixed properly with the right combination of ingredients and most of the so called natural vitamins are fortified with synthetic chemical activators to boost the potency.
    GNC, Centrum, Puritan Pride, are all the same garbage. If you ask them to give you a professional lab test that shows how much of the garbage is digested when you take them, they won’t do that and would be ashamed to see how much just does not get into your body.
    This is why food is your best source of vitamins and minerals, but only if grown in fertile soil. The chemical fertilizers used on farms and insecticides have reduced the nutrient content by over 25% in the last 25 years and the antioxidant content is down by 50% in the last 25 years.
    If you want to see the benefit pills are giving people, just ask your local sewer disposal plant to show you all the pills they find or just take some “B” vitamins and look at your yellow urine to know what your body thinks of them. It’s all junk. Medications are no better. They contain the same magnesium stearate, talc, and excipients as vitamins. All this stuff creates lots of free radicals in the body. Quantum Physics experiments done in Germany have photographic proof of what synthetic chemical activators do and how vitamins provided in nature work like they are supposed too.
    Just look around at the genetically engineered foods now that are not labeled (thank you FDA) that do not allow you to trace where they came from if you get sick from them, and many people are getting sick. Every other country in the world labels GMO foods and people are rejecting them for good reason.
    I have found only one company in my practice that makes and sells supplements that have good cell resonance and NO excipients and grade 10 herbs. By the way, they really do work as well. That can be found at: (800) 370 – 3447 and they will ship to you.
    CorelPainterfriedmybra — sorry, but those vitamins from that company may be only slightly better than the others. If you do QRA testing on them, you will find they have NO cell resonance and your body will not use them well. Try the company I suggested and I think you will see a huge difference. The best way to go is to be tested to find out what vitamins and minerals your body needs specific to you. When you get tested, you will know what will work and how much you need. It takes all the guesswork out of the process. Find a good Certified Nutritional Therapist in your area and they can help you.
    good luck in your search for health

  2. Actually, centrum vitamins are good. Don’t listen to the other people. You should get advice from REAL doctors.
    My oncologist doctor from City of Hope Center (renowned hospital) told me to take multivitamins. When I told him that I was taking Centrum, he told me those are perfect :)
    Ask your doctor for best results.

  3. Sri says:

    Centrum, and GNC, COSTCO and Hi-Health vitamins are GARBAGE!
    they are cheap, synthetic, and they lack TONS of essentials that you need.
    those brands are common because Wal-Mart sells them for 5 bucks a bottle. They are bull-hockey. TRUST ME.
    Those vitamins only have your basic vitamins and maybe a little Lycopene…Pffft, thats it?!
    GOOD vitamins have PHYTO-NUTRIENTS, plant materials and enzymes…everything the body needs.
    Vitamins without phyto-nutrients, without algae, without plant extracts, without enzymes….are junk, plain and simple.
    If you want the best vitamins in the world, I can tell you where to get them.
    “One ‘n Only” vitamins are the BEST vitamins I have ever used, I’ve been on them for over a year, and I feel like a milliom bucks. They have algae, nutrients, ALL the vitamins, they got lycopene, they got it all…they got stuff you’ve never even heard of, like Novia Scotia Algae and Wheatgrass.
    ORDER the regular multi-vitamins they offer, the best money you will ever spend on vitamins.
    Don’t waste one cent on the JUNK that centrum and gnc and costco sell.

  4. Susan says:

    This is true of all vitamins in stores. Junk. but the best of the best comes from Shaklee, They are tested and retested. No hype. If a doctor suggests Centrum, he is not a good doctor. Go to and read for yourself. The testimonys are out there. 100% pure and patented and guaranteed…

  5. john says:

    PURE SYNERGY is the best organic nutrient supplement.

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