Anyone Know Of Any Herbs That Actually Work For Depression, Anxiety, And Insomnia?

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My friend takes remeron for anxiety depression and insomnia. He wants to stop taking it and go with natural remedies. Does anyone know of anything that works just as well as prescription meds? Any personal experiences? Please only answer if you are sure the herbs actually work for these 3 things.

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13 Responses to “Anyone Know Of Any Herbs That Actually Work For Depression, Anxiety, And Insomnia?”

  1. Michael Fortomas says:

    I think you should consult your own medical practitioner before embarking on any program that affects your health and well being.
    My personal experience:
    Persistent depression is a serious disorder and you should see your doctor for treatment. In the meantime you might like to try a Licorice tea. Simply add some to any of your favorite herbal teas. Using up to approximately 3 cups of tea a day or more or ingesting larger amounts can produce headache, lethargy, sodium and water retention, loss of potassium and high blood pressure. At least eight Licorice compounds are monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors which are compounds capable of potent antidepressant action.
    Lemon Balm is a sedative as well as a stomach soother. Try a tea made with two to four teaspoons of dried herb per cup of boiling water
    The total list of benefit and treatments for Camomile is huge. Just a few come to mind, insomnia, anxiety, menopausal depression, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, colic, aches and pains of ‘flu, migraine, neuralgia, teething, vertigo, motion sickness, conjunctivitis, inflamed skin. This may seem too good to be true, but it reflects the wide range of actions in the body.

  2. Samantha says:

    marijuana or opium works well!

  3. as the first person said opium would work, but once you used it for more than a week everything would get much worse for you and once you went off you would have to go through withdrawl, opium poppy tea might be natural but it can still be dangerous. for insomnia try melatonin, its not a herb but its perfectly safe and it works for me, plus it gives good dreams. st. john’s wort works for all anxiety depression and insomnia, it takes 4 weeks to kick in but yes it does work, tell him to research it alot because theres a lot of things you should know while taking it. also, valerian, passionflower, hops, and california poppy all work for anxiety and insomnia (not really for depression though), ive tried all these in a tincture and it helped with anxiety a lot. eating celary is supposed to be good for anxiety, i never really found it does but its worth a try, and also tell him to try chamomile tea, it will help him help its a sedative. if you can find it in a health food store, get this herb called “wild lettuce” or in it’s latin name “lactuca virosa” if i spelt that right. i never tried this, but its like opium poppy but without the side effects, its good for anxiety and insomnia, it relaxes you. cat nip is supposed to be good for making you fall asleep too but i never tried. seriously though, the best thing for all three is marijuana. i smoke pot everyday, during the christmas break i didn’t have any pot, and i had anxiety attacks. i started smoking pot again, and within a week they were gone, i haven’t had a panic attack since early janruary, it’s seriously helped that much, i was also taking valerian (and hops passionflower and california poppy) and st. john’s wort at the time. weed also makes me sleep good too if i smoke a bowl before i go to bed, it helps with everything.. no addiction, no side effects. it beats everything. and also one more thing, be careful with st. john’s wort and passion flower they can interact with a lot of drugs so be careful! i think that most things can be cured with the help of herbs and plants instead of just pumping some one up with a bunch of synthetic chemiclas.

  4. d m says:

    Try Valerian Root for anxiety, try St. John’s Wart for Depression and Melatonin for insomnia.

  5. Mable says:

    There is no one herb That I know of that does all these things , however several that may help are skullcap,hops, valarian root these may help for sleep , also melatonin may help. For anxiety , try st Johns wart, Silent night is a herbal combination I have used quite frequently this is made by natures way hope this helps

  6. As mentioned above, I can vouch for St. John’s Wort to help with all three problems, if they are mild.
    It helps to calm the nerves a bit and also helps with going to sleep, which is an important step to stablizing the mind.

  7. pat says:

    dont take this web site as a fix all ,go find a qualified naturopath,going from prescription based product to herbal will mean you will probably have to go through some detox to rid your body of toxins built up by the remeron if any..,this will take 7 to 10 days?so find that naturopath and consult your gp as to what you are doing…j

  8. nuke nibiru says:

    Saint Johns Wort Tea or capletes but you do not take anti depressants with st johns wart because there is a bad reaction between the two…don’t know about insomnia other than if you get your anxiety and depression under control then maybe you’ll be able to sleep better. Hope I could help

  9. marijuana…all three things

  10. rick_lov says:

    I am not really sure about the anxiety and depression, but, valerian root helps alot with insomnia. I, too, am on meds for depression and insomnia but I still take the medication that I was prescribed for depression. I found out that valerian root really helps when it comes to getting to sleep.
    I will look up other herbs for the depression and come back with the results. Hope that this helps!

  11. bunny says:

    There have been many studies done on SAM-e and St. John’s wort, both, and it seems they do actually work, but only for mild depression. Perhaps your friend can discuss cutting down on the remeron and supplementing it with the SAM-e.
    Here is some additional information:

  12. Anxiety says:

    Go to a psychiatrist and ask. Everybodys different and they may have to try different meds on you until you find whats right.

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