Any Suggestions For Labor Induction At Home?

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Castor Oil Did Not Work Nor Evening Primrose Oil Or Walking..?

I am scheduled to have a c-section on Wednesday and I would really love to give birth naturally instead – as I have had experience on c-section and natural with my two prior kids – I am only 2cm dialated, the baby has not dropped “at all” AND the doctor just told me that my cervix is VERY thick – therefore, she really doubts that I will be able to go into labor on my own.
Additionally, I cannot be induced as no doctor will risk inducing me because I had a prior c-section and it can open up. Therefore, I have no choice but to have the c-section but like I said previoulsy I would much rather go naturally if I could; the healing process is easier, no stitches when one goes natural -
I have heard about nipple stimulation with a breast pump – any personal experiences and what was the outcome.. Thank you…

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17 Responses to “Any Suggestions For Labor Induction At Home?”

  1. ME says:

    Try an excersice ball to get the baby to drop down… You can sit on it while you watch tv, just roll your hips around on it. it should help open up your cervix too once the baby drops.. Good Luck!!!!

    Go to Walmart (or some other pharmacy) and get some BLUE COHOSH capsules. The Indians used it during labor to help dilate the cervix. It has been used to start real labor, but it will not start labor unless it is time. I would start by taking 2 capsules. Maybe do this every 12 hours? It’s not an exact science and it is based on your own body chemistry. But, like I said before, it shouldn’t cause false labor, only induce actual labor.
    Home remedies are intended to aid the body in the beginning of labor on the slight chance that your body is READY. But if you have tried these things it means that your body is not ready. Blue Cohosh is natural and it will not hurt to try it. But inducing with drugs is NOT natural and it can lead to many problems.
    I had an epidural with my first baby. No problems, no complications. But my second baby was born under general anesthesia and I would give anything to have those first moments back so I could experience her coming into this world.
    I was laboring at home with my second daughter and planning on a home birth. It is a long story, but I ended up going to the hospital (one that will NOT do VBACs). I was prepared to take Blue Cohosh if necessary, but I didn’t need to.
    I know most women aren’t educated enough about this process to do what I am about to tell you, but I have educated myself about child birth since my experience. I will have my future babies (and I plan to have all that God will let me have) at home with a midwife. No more knives for me.
    Obstetrics is not an exact science, and your doctors can be off by days on your due date. Only God knows when you conceived and He will not let that baby stay in there forever. If I were you, and I am only saying that I feel comfortable enough that this is what I would do, I would tell them to cancel the C-section. I am going to wait until natural labor starts. Tell them that you want a TRIAL OF LABOR. All that means is that you want to be allowed to BEGIN labor naturally and be allowed to DELIVER naturally. If, at some point after labor begins they really have evidence that things are not safe, then you can consider a C-section. I promise you, the SCHEDULED C-section is for their convenience.
    Look at it this way. If you were schedule for C-section on Wednesday and today was Sunday. And you went into labor on Sunday, they would let you go ahead and labor (unless the baby’s heart rate got out of whack-then they would want to proceed with C-section). Well, what is the difference from Sunday to Wednesday? If you began labor on Tuesday afternoon, would they say, “NO! You must have a C-section!” If it was so important that they thought you ABSOLUTELY MUST have a C-section, then they would give you NO HOPE for having the baby naturally. Your doctor would have told you that under no circumstances were you to try to induce natural labor because your lives would be in danger. But the truth is, if you have not gone into labor by Wednesday, that just means your baby is not ready. According to my research, it is something inside the baby that triggers the beginning of labor. So let nature take its course.
    This is your body. You have every right to tell your doctor that you do NOT want another C-section and that you will wait until natural labor begins. (Some doctors tell women that their bodies are too small and they do not want the baby getting too big. Well, at this point, if that is your doctor’s excuse, like I said, what is the difference between today-Monday-and Wednesday?). One doctor told the woman she had cephelopelvic disproportion (pelvis too small, baby too big) and did a C-section. She found out later when her sister got a job at the hospital and checked her records, that the baby was breech. The doctor just did not want to admit that HE was the one with the problem because he wasn’t comfortable delivering a breech. He made her think that HER BODY was the problem and he FORCED her to go under the knife. This is what they do (not all of them, of course, but it happens.)
    My midwife helped a woman who had 4 previous C-sections to have her 5th baby vaginally. It is highly successful and very safe (ESPECIALLY if you are at a hospital!).
    What I just don’t understand is what I have already mentioned. If they let you begin natural labor on Monday, but are going to MAKE you have a C-section on Wednesday, that just doesn’t make sense to me. I would NOT do it. And it would be MY choice. They can say a lot of things to scare me, but I have faith that God made my body and that He is in control. I had to think that when I started a home birth for my second child. I had learned enough about C-sections that I was NOT going to let that happen again…..well, anyway. I know a little bit more now.
    I’m sorry I just went on and on. I really think you should consider cancelling the C-section. I would, I am sure of it. It really helps when you have educated yourself.
    Maybe this advice is too late for you, but perhaps it will help someone else.
    Here are a couple of books that really helped me realize that I was in control when it came to the birthing decisions that I had to make for my babies.
    This book helped fuel the uproar over cesareans that were not necessary by trying to make consumers more aware of their options. A great book, worth reading even if you are past the baby years.
    *The Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Experience: Birth Stories by Lynn Baptisti Richards
    A collection of VBAC stories to inspire you and answer your questions.
    This website has a list of books on VBAC…

  3. twysty says:

    Unfortunatley I tried all of those as well and stil had to be induced, at least two weeks over for al three of my kids, I wish you the best of luck with the new one!

  4. readwrit says:

    Often, physicians don’t take risks for good reasons. Vaginal delivery after cesarian (VBAC) can have significant risks to you and your fetus. I suggest you coordinate all decisions with your obstetrician so that you do not cause harm. You need to consider why a cesarian was done for the previous pregnancy becuase some previous indications put you at risk for complications from vaginal delivery. VBAC is a very complex issue and some studies indicate that there is increased risk of fetal malpresentation, placental abnormalities, serious bleeding after delivery, prolonged labor, need for emergency cesarean, and uterine rupture.
    Please for the safety of you and your baby, openly discuss your plans with you OB.
    That said, nipple stimulation can the release of a hormone that causes uterine contractions, which may help progress into labor. Also, semen contains a compound that helps mature the cervix and therefore sex can also help.

  5. Anne A says:

    You have gotten some really interesting answers…
    Nipple stimulation done Manually is what you need. That & sex with you having a good orgasm and your husband ejaculating inside of you. ALL of these methods release hormones that would, can, and willbring on labor.
    However, if your cervix isnt sofeting then you are just not ready. You could ask your doctor for more time. If you baby is not having any signs of stress and the plecenta is in good shape there is no need to hurry. They can tell all of that with an ultrasound.
    However, the one onther component that hasnt been mentioned is your emotions. Emotions are like a frieght train…especially where birth is concerned.
    Aginst what anyone practicing Westen Medicine would say, it is not in natures design for a pregnant woman to NOT go into labor. Any being that gives birth WILL Naturally go into labor on its own unless there is an emotional block. Period. I suggest you get to the root of the issue and address your emotions. Do you really, TRULY trust you body? Are you afraid of tearing? Are you afraid of dieing?
    Ask your Dr. for a week. Examine your feelings. Talk to your baby.
    Dont try caster oil agian! Have SEX! A lot of it!!

  6. Memphis Kitten says:

    You shouldn’t have used these methods to begin with. Nipple stimulation can work in very few cases if you feel like stimulating them for HOURS and HOURS everyday.

  7. sarcastr says:

    If your doctor has said it’s safe, a “roll in the hay” often works.

  8. SharonLe says:

    You can try sex. The chemical in semen helps soften the cervix. I’ve also heard to eat pinnapple but I don’t know if that makes any sense at all. Check out this site, you might find some good info there.
    Good luck!

  9. Dharma Nature says:

    In the ante-natal classes my ex-wife and I attended, one of the things they mentioned for this was sexual intercourse. Apparently there is something in the semen which can help promote labour.

  10. a-mazed says:

    Sounds like you need help – lots of it – and not from an ob-gyn, but from a counselor . . .
    if, and because all your mds know what is best for you, and are advising you of such, you still want to risk your life and that of your unborn child’s by attempting some home induction? you truly deserve all the trauma you may experience, if you succeed in beginning labor. . .
    You sound too knowledgeable about all this, to be ‘for real’ . . .

  11. frog says:

    A bath with VERY hot water often does it.
    The heat stimulates blood flow.

  12. Darby says:

    I’m not really recommending either of these, but …. eat Mexican food; have sex w/orgasm.

  13. babygirl says:

    Heres a website on naturally inducing…

  14. Baby #3 due 10/13/09 says:

    I’ve heard that nipple stimulation works. Also, sex will work – as your utuerus contracts when you reach the peak. (Okay, too graphic sorry!). For me the combo of primrose oil (vaginal supposatories) and rocking on my excersize ball put me into labor.
    Do you have an excersize ball? Just use your pelvis to rock back and forth – not your legs. Let your hips do the work. If you don’t have on call on friends and family members – see if you can borrow one. I got mine for $10 at Walmart and my sis got hers the same price at Target. The motion really gets that baby moved down. My son kept dropping (because of the rocks) and I hardly had to push at all when it came down to it.

  15. Scorpio Man says:

    Try nipple stimulation,and if your up for long walks.The more exercise you acquire in your life style it can help.(Just like if your in labour walking speeds things up!) Try having sex with your husband as well.My wife and I were told that helps as well from the doctor.The sperm will thin the thickness and produce proteins or something(I can’t exactly remember)but I know for a fact it can help!The doctor looked right in to my eyes and knotted his head of approval and gave me encouragement.
    That is all the advice I know.Hope your delivery goes well and your child is healthy.

  16. anton l says:

    your doctor is right as the risk for a natural birth after having a c section is very high, many complications may occur due to this… if you want to help induce labor though, nipple stimulation and rubbing of the fundus of the uterus (below the umbilicus) helps as oxytocin is increased thus the contraction of the uterus occurs. hope you all the best!

  17. naterie says:

    i;ve heard a real cold glass of water

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