An Exercise Routine That Will Rid You Of Love Handles

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Isn’t it funny that they’re called love handles? Because, let’s be honest, who actually loves them? In particular for many men the love handles are the unsightly chunks of fat present at the sides, right above the hips. Unless you possess the appropriate techniques, they’re quite impossible to get rid of, so let’s check out what the appropriate techniques are all about!

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To our disappointment, to eliminate fat from a certain spot only is but a fairy-tale. You are required to lose weight all over your body to receive the best results. There are however exercises once that fat is gone to define the section. To sum up, the first thing that should be done  via metabolism speed-up, which can be achieved by doing cardio about three to five times in a week. When you run, swim or do aerobics, you burn as much as 400 calories an hour.

Next on the priority list is watching what you eat. The only way to reduce fat is by ensuring that you consume less calories than you use up on a daily basis. Some people call it a calorie deficit. Along with the cardio exercises, this will help you reach your goal rapidly.

An easy way  for you to proceed on the way to changing the foods you eat is using the food swap technique. This simply means instead of having one type of food, swap it for something else. For example, swap crisps, cookies or chocolates for a fruit or vegetable snack instead. A simple and effective way to start changing unhealthy eating habits.

As soon as you’ve reduced some of your fat, throw in these simple exercises as well:

Leg flutters

This particular workout contributes to building up the back muscles, which in turn will ensure the front ones are properly supported. Lie back on the floor with your head slightly elevated. Arms need to be kept straight down your sides. Once you have lifted your feet, with knees bent, start counting till twenty and then lower and flutter them rapidly.

Twist crunches

Similar to crunches, these are another great way to target the love handle area. From lying on the floor with your knees bent and hands behind your head (which is slightly lifted), bend at the core in a move that will allow your left elbow to nearly touch your right knee. Stay there till you count to three, then return to the initial pose. Once you do the same for the opposite side, try to repeat the set twenty-five times.

Standing trunk twists

Standing trunk twists contribute to fat loss as well as to toning your muscles. Start from a standing position with feet very far apart but maintaining stability at the same time, and then twist towards your left. Repeat for the opposite side and complete another 100.

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Tae Bo

If you are seeking to tone the sides of your abdomen Tae Bo is the ideal choice, giving you the opportunity for good cardio exercise as well. All the twisting and turning that go along with the constant movement to kick and punch aim not only at your obliques, but also to the overall fat on your body. If you don’t want to attend a live class, there are plenty of DVD’s that you can choose from.

Weight Training

Are you familiar with how weight training can contribute to fat loss by stimulating an increase in metabolism? So working on your six pack muscles with weights will have the added advantage of a good cardio too!

To abide by the advice mentioned so far in routines of at least thirty minutes of not more, three to five times every week and you stick to a healthier nutrition, you will surely  notice considerable changes in your weight after only a few weeks.

As every one is different in terms of size, shape, diet, lifestyles etc, the duration of time required to totally eliminate this nuisance will vary. Sometimes the process of burning fat starts out rapidly and then mellows down because the routine no longer challenges the body as much as it did at the beginning. If you come across this problem, you can sort it out by either intensifying your workouts, eating more protein foods or minimizing consumption of fats.

Generally speaking, however, it’s not as hard as you imagined to get rid of your love handles once and for all, and it’s something that really deserves your investment of time and commitment. Not only will you look your best, you’ll also feel better than ever, and this is what truly matters.

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