Alternative Therapies For Chronic Kidney Infections And Utis?

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I’ve been ill since feburary, and (some of) the doctors I have seen think I have chronic UTIs which are spreading to my kidneys. I’m really fed up, and none of the antibiotics seem to have much effect any more, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any alternative remedies (anything at all) that might help. I drink 2 – 2 1/2 litres of water a day, and sometimes have cranberry juice, although this doesn’t seem to have much effect either.

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14 Responses to “Alternative Therapies For Chronic Kidney Infections And Utis?”

  1. Juniper and grapefruit are essential oils that work on the kidneys. Alternatively try Chinese herbal medicine.

  2. Richard R says:

    I have chronic bladder/kidney problems due to a birth defect. I have found that cranberry juice works very well, as does echinacea and golden seal. DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL. Avoid soft drinks. Stay hydradrated and when you have to use the toilet, don’t hold it.

  3. Healthyi says:

    A therapy called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has provided great results in resolving urinary track infections. The basic premise of EFT is that strong negative emotions underly many of our physical health problems. By gently tapping on meridian points and using cognitive word play you can shift the negative feelings and move forward. The therapy regularly provides gentle pain relief free of harmful side effects, and can often resolve the situation completely when you find the underlying issue.
    I’ve put an article below from the therapy founder’s website about one woman’s anger causing her UTIs and how she resolved it with EFT’s help. There are many other articles on this information rich site that you can research. My own website provides a good brief overview to EFT.
    You can download a free manual from the founder’s website to learn basic EFT for yourself. Or you can work with a trained practitioner who can help you get speedy results effectively.

  4. dandelion root, centaury herb, boldo leaves, couchgrass root, restharrow root, milk thistle can all help. Dr Stuarts actually do a tea called Liver Detox which you can get in health food shops which as far as I know contains these. Cranberry juice can actually aggravate this problem for some people, also, try cuting down the water to maybe 1.5 litres a day. You could be overworking your poor kidneys! A detox such as the Master Cleanse might work too, although it is a very hard slog!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. allen a says:

    visit and check out this natural supplement that may solve you problem.

  6. oldtimek says:

    If none of those helped (especially the antibiotics and cranberry juice), then it’s either not urinary tract infections, or it’s a lot worse than they’re letting on. You need to go see a urinary specialist…. or whatever specialist would deal with the excretory systems.
    I’ve had a similar problem (in a different area) where the regular doctors all had different opinions and nothing was working. We finally went to a specialist and she nailed it on the head (it happened to be a reaction to a medication), stopped the medication, and it cleared up within a few weeks (there was a lot of damage, so it took some time to heal).
    It took hundreds of dollars and 4-5 doctors before we found a specialist, but it was SO much more than worth it once we found her.
    What really pissed me off was that the doctor that was administering the medication was one of the doctors that we told the symptoms to…. and these were symptoms of a less common side effect of the medication, which was clearly listed in the doctor’s reference materials for the medication. Ugh!

  7. free iPod says:

    I had the same problem myself a few years back, no antibiotics seemed to be working, and they kept on sticking me on the same ones. After collapsing and being rushed to the local hospital the doctor, there was extremely annoyed that nobody seemed to be taking it seriously. He told me that as I’d been ill for so long the infection was now in my kidneys and had I not come into hospital when I did, I’d have been bought in by ambulance at the end of the week and may have been looking at renal failure.
    I cannot for the life of me remember what tablets he gave me, but they were huge. I cut out everything that I thought may aggravate it, tea, coffee, most foods, fizzy pop, and it seemed to work, i still get twinges now, and on bad days it hurts like hell to pee, but They did warn me, there would be scarring of my bladder as I’d been ill for so long, and that I’d be prone to it.

  8. fretocho says:

    see selshines answer and add juniper berry capsules and probiotics from the refrigerated section of health food store

  9. Lezzy says:

    Cranberry juice (cocktails like ocean spray) off the shelf is bad bad bad. All that sugar makes the effectiveness go way down. Try 100% cranberry. The only brand I have ever found is Knudsen. I can only find them at Kroger in the refrigerated organic section. Or try cranberry supplements. I have pkd and currently have a uti. I am just so sorry it’s chronic for you. The 100% cranberry juice really helps me. Oh it tastes terrible. BUT PLEASE DON”T ADD SUGAR, Just DILUTE it with some water. Choke it down, trust me it will help a lot!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

  10. solidago tincture is good for kidneys. You often get kidney problems if you are detoxing a lot. Toxins rip through the kidneys causing trouble. Do you have amalgam fillings? Mercury from them is a master-toxin. Many other toxins go when you get rid of mercury. The way to avoid toxins going out through the kidneys is to get them to go out through the bowel. Chlorella is recommended for this, and there are others.

  11. Nkeno says:

    Got something that can cure your UTI naturally and get you off antibiotics. There is a natural cure for everything, but ‘certain people’ don’t want you to find out….. How do you think the Chinese and Japanese live so long without going through all these funny diseases ?
    Anyway, check out this site for your UTI.…

  12. ROS says:

    There is a product called Kidney Dr. sold by Native Remedies that contains herbs known to have beneficial effect on the kidneys and the entire urinary system. It helps to keep kidneys healthy and functioning normally. (It is an all natural product)
    For more info visit…

  13. annielov says:

    I think that you should continue drinking that much water, the cranberry juice is very good, if it does not have a lot of sugar in it. If you drink soda’s filled with sugar or diet, you should get off of those. Caffeine drinks can also affect your kidneys, and you should stay away from them. I have fibromyalgia, and I have done a lot of research on toxic chemicals in the home. I have found that there is a lot of harmful chemicals in your cleaning, laundry, and personal care products. These chemicals affect your health in numerous ways, and your kidneys is one of those ways. Chemicals also break your immune system down, leaving your body vulnerable, to poor health and infections. These chemicals are in about all of your home cleaning, laundry, and personal care products, that are sold at our local stores. I have changed over to a natural wellness co., that carries safer more natural products. I am off all of my fibromyalgia scripts, and feel 20 years younger. I would highly recommend this change, for your over all health, and kidney infections. Taking really good vitamins, minerals, and supplements would also help build your immune system. You might want to check it out for yourself. Good Luck To You.

  14. This is the only time I’ve been to your website. Thanks for sharing more information.

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