Alternative Remedies For Kidney Infections?

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My mother has kidney failure and is suffering with constant infections which are leaving her feeling nauseous and aching.
We are due to go on holiday in less than 2 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could give her to help her feel better?

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8 Responses to “Alternative Remedies For Kidney Infections?”

  1. There is a natural product called D-Mannose which is very effective in PREVENTING kidney and bladder infections. However if your Mum already has an infection, prescription antibiotics are the only way to go. After she finishes her treatment you could start her on the D-Mannose twice a day to reduce the chances of her getting another infection. The link below is quite informative.

  2. amembal4 says:

    Will you please be a little more specific?
    Does she suffer from diabetes or hypertension ?
    Is there urine incontinence or retention?
    Does she have micturation while passing urine?
    Have you checked for kidney stones?
    Are both kidneys affected or just one?
    Please write back to me, I may be able to help you. For infection, please see your doctor.

  3. tlbrown4 says:

    As a healthcare provider I can tell you that if she has infections she needs antibiotics. And this will require a visit to your provider. Since she has a measure of renal failure it will make a difference in what medications she can take. Also since it’s important that we try to maintain what kidney function she has left…you need to be on your toes about addressing and treating any infections in the renal/urinary tract system.

  4. mary m says:

    uva ursi complex is a natural remedy for kidney infections and works great but im not sure it would be suitable for someone in kidney failure

  5. Paul Anthony F says:

    In such a short time no, so get her along to a Homeopathn why have you left it so long without trying to find a solution?

  6. Dr Frank says:

    Seriously if you go down the ‘ alternative ‘ road and avoid conventional evidence based medicine, you will without question put your mother at risk. Ask advice from her physicians if she is feeling poorly.
    I say this not because I have a closed mind, but because my always open one has looked in detail at the failure of these type of therapies to offer any more than a placebo effect. This is one of the largest studies which tends to confirm this there are many many others.…

  7. Joan J says:


  8. Sinead G says:

    buy a tincture of uva ursi – bioforce do one. it’s fantastic, check that she can take it with her kidney’s in failure though. i take it all the time to prevent infections which i am very prone too and it is the only thing that works. i haven’t had a UTI in almost a year as opposed to four the year before that. the last one i got was cleared up in two days too taking this stuff. it’s fab – you might have some symptoms when you start taking it though as it clears your urinary system of toxins. great stuff though – well worth it’s weight in gold!

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