After Removing Acrylic Nails, How Do I Restore My Natural Nails Back To A Healthy State?

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I removed the nails at home,using pure acetone, it was a long and tedious task, my natural nails look crappy to say the least, what can I do at home to restore them to health?

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7 Responses to “After Removing Acrylic Nails, How Do I Restore My Natural Nails Back To A Healthy State?”

  1. IAINTELL says:

    If you peeled any part of the acrylic nails off, you also peeled off some of the top layers of your natural fingernails. Nothing you can do about it but wait for new nail to grow out. By a good quality clear protective nail polish. Use several coats to help strengthen your nails until they grow out. Clip them as they grow above the nail bed to avoid having them tear. If you see spots of discoloration (green, brown), you probably have nail fungus. If it isn’t bad, it will grow out. If you still notice the discoloration after the nail new nail has completely grown in, you need to see a doctor to have it treated.

  2. cleo_alt says:

    file them slighty…. grow them back…. and leave the things alone..

  3. this is what i do, i have long nails and get acrylic or gel put n top of them, ever since i was 16. ur doing good with the acetone, but while ur soaking, every 15 minutes or so, after u rub off some of the goo ( u do have paper towels handy to help u along the process of taking the acrylic off right?) well u take one of the files thats usually white, and square, kinda like a sponge ( i forget what its called) and file a little bit, after all that crap is off ur nails, file ur natural nail with it ( i just rmembered, its called a BUFF) but dont do it too much or u’ll wear them real thin. put some vitamin oil on the nail and then some clear nail polish if u want. cut them down a little so they’ll grow stronger. hope this helps a little bit.:o)

  4. hairspra says:

    You need to go to a nail technician and see if she has a reconditioning kit that you can purchase from her or if she will order one for you. It consist of a strengthener and a conditioning polish that will help add moisture and strength back to your natural nail. It will take several months to get them back into shape, but you will have nice natural nails that will need nothing but a good manicure instead of nail enhancements.

  5. dodajean says:

    It really is time that will restore them. Patience! It does take quite sometime, but the only way to rid of all the damage acrylics do is to let new nails grow out. You can do slight filing to help with any massive ridges or peeling. But other than that, time. Good Luck!

  6. swater says:

    try gelatin by knox{ you soak your nails in the gelatin},and adding more protien to your daily diet.

  7. soon2b mommy of 4 says:

    Try some clear nail polish that has strengthens your nails. I use salley hansen Hard as Nails. It works for me. Good luck!

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