Acne Rosacea Treatment and Advice

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Acne seems to be a right of passage for most teenagers, but most of them do eventually grow out of it.Any adult who suffered from acne as a teenager will be understandably concerned that it has returned if they should find themselves with rosacea.

Just what is acne rosacea?

So what exactly is acne rosacea?The first thing to say is, although it does seem like acne, surprisingly it is a totally different skin condition.Red or pink patches on the face is perhaps the most common symptom of rosacea.Eyes could appear irritated and underneath the skin surface small blood vessels will be visible.On the skin itself there will be some, usually tender to touch, highly visible, small red bumps.  It’s also not unusual for the skin to have a number of red cysts develop as well.These cysts are usually painful when touched and can very easily become irritated.

Treatment may not be required in mild rosacea cases. Just keeping the face, as much as possible, free of bacteria by normal cleansing may be enough.Some cases of acne rosacea prove to be resistant to mild treatments but the advantage of today’s medicines for treating acne rosacea is that a variety of different strengths exist.

What are the most common acne rosacea treatment options?

A variety of different acne rosacea treatments exist, available as either an over the counter medication or a prescription treatment.In the majority of cases, your doctor will quite quickly prescribe another, more powerful type of acne rosacea treatment if your usual, over the counter treatment isn’t working as well as you would want.

Your doctor may recommend some of the following types of acne rosacea treatments:

Topical antibiotic cream – Various topical antibiotic creams, including metronidazole, erythromycin, clindamycin, and azelaic acid have proven to be effective against acne rosacea.  Some patients do best when using a combination of these antibiotics each day.

Antibiotic pills – A simple and usually effective acne rosacea treatment is the oral antibiotic pill.  Commonly used medicines include tetracycline, amoxicillin, doxycycline, and minocycline.

Light therapy – Is proving to be effective for some patients who are trying one of the newest breakthrough techniques in the treatment of acne rosacea.  Lasers and/or intense light pulses are the most common kinds of light therapy; they are generally used during a series of treatments that occur every three to six weeks or so. 

How to choose the correct acne rosacea treatment

So how should you decide on the right acne rosacea treatment?Answering that question depends on two main things, how severe is your rosacea and honestly, how much does it bother you.  Many people with mild cases hardly even notice the condition, and for them the best acne rosacea treatment is simply to keep their skin clean using a mild face wash.

If you suffer from a more severe case of rosacea then you would be well advised to seek a professional evaluation of your condition from your doctor or dermatologist.Your treatment will be recommended on the basis of this evaluation.If that first treatment doesn’t work, at all or as effectively as you would like, then it should be fairly easy to change to a more beneficial one for you.

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  1. Chinchin says:

    Acne treatment is applicable of getting rid of acne. There are cases that surgery is advisable to eliminate rosacea in the body. Mostly, they prefer in surgery because the appearance clearly remove.

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