A Young Woman Makes a Sincere Effort to Stop Drinking, Suffers Through Alcohol Withdrawals, Ascertains the Fact That She is an Alcoholic, and Comes to a Decision to Seek Alcohol Therapy

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Jennifer is a forty-two-year-old outside sales representative who has been ingesting alcohol quite abusively since her live-in boyfriend and she decided to discontinue their relationship. In truth, for the past nine months she has been drinking almost two bottles of wine every night, and on the weekends she also has been drinking more than a few cocktails throughout the day. In short, Jennifer has been drinking so excessively and abusively that it’s a wonder that she hasn’t suffered from alcohol poisoning.

After feeling unhappy because she was starting to close her eyes to her health, Jennifer at last told herself that she’s had enough, that it’s time to quit the self pity routine, that it’s time to quit the excessive and irresponsible drinking, and time to get on with her life. So the following Saturday morning at 9:30 AM, she determined that she would quit drinking completely and suddenly without preparation or planning.

When She Attempted to Stop Drinking She Felt Awful, Her Head Was Throbbing, She Had Absolutely No Appetite, She Started to Sweat Profusely, She Was Extremely Nervous and Moody, and She Vomited a Number of Times

When Jennifer stopped drinking, she assumed that she would more likely than not be tempted to take a drink or two, but she never pictured that she would feel so terrible. More precisely, approximately two-and-a-half hours after she stopped drinking, her head was pounding, she vomited a number of times, she was extremely moody and anxious, she had utterly no appetite, and she started to sweat extensively.

When she called her best pal and told her that she had quit drinking and that after a couple of hours she without any warning started to have flu-like symptoms, Andrea, her best pal, told Jennifer to call her medical doctor and clearly explain what she was feeling.

She Admits to Her Healthcare Practitioner That She Has Been Drinking In an Abusive Manner, That She Just Tried to Quit Drinking, and That She is Going Through Terribly Unpleasant Flu-Like Symptoms

So Jennifer called her healthcare professional, informed him that she has been drinking in an abusive manner for a number of months and that when she tried to completely quit drinking earlier in the day, within a few hours she felt as if she had the worse flu-like symptoms that she had ever gone through.

Her medical practitioner told her that she may be suffering from symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and that she should have a neighbor or friend drive her to the emergency room as soon as possible.

As soon as Jennifer got off the phone, she got a family member to drive her to the emergency room. Interestingly, all the way to the hospital, as sick as Jennifer felt, the only thing she could think about was whether or not she might be alcohol dependent.

It seems that her physician had phoned ahead and informed the emergency room personnel to expect Jennifer because when she got to the hospital, she was met by two ER employees who without hesitation told her to lie down on the portable bed they had with them. After getting taken to the emergency room and undergoing two or three important tests, it was confirmed that Jennifer was in actual fact going through alcohol withdrawal symptoms and was in need of alcohol detoxification.

An emergency room healthcare professional administered some drugs to reduce the discomfort of her flu-like symptoms and also administered some medications to help get rid of the alcohol that was still in her circulatory system.

An Alcohol Abuse and Substance Abuse Healthcare Practitioner Goes Over the Fact That She is Addicted to Alcohol and Then Discusses What Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and Alcohol Addiction Stages Are

After a few hours, Jennifer was taken from the ER and wheeled to the recovery room. After she was in recovery for about an hour, Doctor Ballas, a substance abuse and alcohol abuse specialist, came to talk to her. He took his time and explained in laymen’s language that Jennifer had experienced alcohol withdrawal symptoms when she quit drinking due to the fact that she had become an alcoholic.

He then elucidated the fact that with repeated and excessive drinking, the individual’s brain slowly adjusts to the alcohol in order to function in a “routine” fashion. When the drinker then all at once refrains from ingesting alcohol, however, the brain takes action by creating alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In addition, her healthcare practitioner also explained in a clear fashion the different alcoholism stages that a person who is alcohol dependent usually experiences as the disease progressively gets worse.

It is Verified that Jennifer is in the Earliest Stage of Alcohol Addiction and She Receives a Favorable Projection For a Full Recovery if She Gets the Alcohol Rehabilitation She Needs

Fortunately for Jennifer, it was verified that she was in the earliest stage of alcohol addiction and, as a result, she was given a favorable diagnosis for a total recovery if she will get the alcoholism rehab she requires.

Jennifer told the healthcare professional that she will do whatever it takes to get sober and to reclaim her health. She also mentioned that she has an excellent hospitalization insurance policy that will more likely than not pay for most of the costs needed for rehabilitation. It was clear to see that Jennifer was very pleased with her encouraging medical prognosis and felt free from worry knowing that she will be able to get the alcohol treatment she needs so that she can start on the path to recovery.

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