A Married Couple Becomes Fretful About Their Excessive and Irresponsible Drinking and Questions Whether They Display Any Alcohol Addiction Signs or Mental Health Issues

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Jerry and Sarah have been married for six years. They wanted to have some fun and excitement before they decided to have a family and so they consciously constructed an extremely active social life.

The central difficulty, it needs to be underscored, is that practically everything they do to have fun is associated with drinking. As an illustration, all of the happy hours, parties with friends, sporting events, family get-togethers, and dinner engagements they attend somehow include drinking.

Jerry and Sarah Start to Perceive Some Noticeable Alcohol Related Issues That are Centered On Their Hazardous Drinking

If they were moderate or responsible drinkers, this wouldn’t be such a big problem. Due to the fact they drink quite heavily, however, they are beginning to perceive some clear-cut alcohol-related difficulties in their lives.

As an illustration, just a few days ago Jerry was apprehended by the police for his first DUI and has been shirking responsibilities at work because of alcohol-related health problems. Furthermore, Jerry’s last two performance reviews at work have been less than acceptable and he has started to fail to remember what he does or says while he drinks. Finally, Jerry has been having sleep-related problems and his family has begun to get nervous about his drinking circumstances.

Similar to Jerry’s circumstances, Sarah has been feeling unhappy with life in general and to deal with these feelings, she has been drinking more than any time in the past year. Furthermore, Sarah has been getting more than a few painful migraines and experiencing intense hangovers after drinking. As a final point, Sarah has been feeling much less energetic when she gets up in the morning, she has been getting to work late virtually every Monday, and she has been receiving some unsympathetic criticism from her relatives, coworkers, family members, and friends about her abusive drinking.

Watching the Television and Flipping the Channels and Finding An Interesting Documentary About the Signs of Alcohol Dependency

One Saturday evening while watching TV, Sarah and Jerry inadvertently discovered an enchanting documentary about the signs of alcoholism.

This TV documentary was a real bombshell to Jerry and Sarah because quite a few of the alcoholism signs that were talked about gave them the impression that they were directly linked to quite a few of the alcohol-related drinking problems Sarah and Jerry had been going through.

A Frank Chat About Drinking Activities Discloses Alcohol Related Relationship, Employment, Legal, Financial, and Health Problems

After watching the television special, Jerry and Sarah determined that they needed to have a truthful chat about their drinking circumstances. They both concurred that most, if not all, of their social functions were related to drinking, that they were drinking irresponsibly, and that as a married couple, they were starting to note alcohol related employment, health, legal, relationship, and financial problems for the first time since they were married.

With thoughts of the television documentary still fresh in her mind, Sarah asked Jerry if some of the alcohol dependency signs they have been displaying could mean that they are dependent on alcohol or maybe becoming addicted to alcohol. Jerry didn’t know the answer to Sarah’s inquiry and so he suggested that they make an appointment with one of the healthcare practitioners at the nearby alcohol abuse rehab clinic to find out more about the seriousness of their drinking issues.

Coming to Grips With Your Drinking Difficulties Just May Decrease Your Apprehension and Give You A Sense of Calm

Strangely enough, although their drinking circumstances hadn’t yet changed, it was obvious that Sarah and Jerry were at least dealing with their drinking issues, they were eager to find out more about their drinking behavior, and they were interested in learning how they could substantially lessen or do away with the alcohol-related difficulties that had started to deteriorate.

When Jerry and Sarah went to bed that night, they made up their minds that the next afternoon, Jerry would call and make an appointment for both of them at the substance abuse rehab center located downtown just outside of the business district. After they made a promise to one another that they would do whatever it takes to rise above the alcohol-related difficulties that had become apparent in their lives, they truly had the most revitalizing night’s sleep they could recollect in the last month.

Just before she fell asleep, Sarah turned to Jerry and stated how easy it is to decrease one’s apprehension and in point of fact experience a sense of calm by facing one’s problems with personal integrity and making up one’s mind to do something productive about them.

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