4 Chest Problems-and The Best Chest Workout For Them?

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Which part of the male torso best portrays a guy’s masculinity, virility and heroic nature? Would you agree with me that it is the chest? Consider those superheroes such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman plus movie-stars like Arnie and Sly. There it is, to the fore, wanting to be admired- not the least by a man himself as he poses in front of the mirror. You may not always realise it but the ladies do size men up, you know!

Although this article is mainly about guy’s chests, I should state that the breasts themselves can’t be made bigger by chest training due to the fact that they are composed of mainly glandular and fatty tissue, but even so it is a good idea that all ladies do some chest work simply because those stronger and toned chest muscles will give them the appearance of a fuller and more shapely chest.

It cannot be doubted that the possession of strong chest muscles will give an edge in many sports- consider American Football and Rugby which both use grabbing, tackling and throwing. Throwing events like the Shot Putt, Discus and Javelin. Volleyball, Tennis and Basketball all involve throwing or hitting. What about Swimming and gymnastics…think how the chest is involved in these as well.

By far the largest chest muscle is the Pectoralis Major which originates in the Clavicle and Sternum and has it’s insertion point in the upper arm bone known as the Humerus. What is it’s function?

1.When you pull your arm in front of the chest, it’s the prime mover.

2.It flexes the shoulder so you can push.

3.It lifts the arm forwards.

The Pectoralis Minor is situated underneath the main muscle and assists in the lowering of the shoulderblade.

Let’s have a look at four specific problems:

There is a flat or even concave aspect to the top of the chest…It is very clear when viewed from the side and not just on men. Women who have dieted for a period of time can experience muscle loss on the upper pectorals. It would be an excellent policy for any lady who has experienced muscle loss on this part to use particular exercises to assist in rebuilding muscle here. Ladies will be proud of an improved cleavage and men will develop a more convex shape to the chest.

Gym exercises to promote upper chest development must be done on a bench which is inclined to an angle which is between 30 and 45 degrees. From experience, I have found the following workouts to be excellent for the upper chest with females using moderate weights and guys heavier ones:

Women- Incline bench press…2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions per set
Incline dumb-bell press…same
Incline dumb-bell flye…same

Men- Incline bench press…3-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions per set
Incline dumb-bell press…same
Incline dumb-bell flye…same

A narrow chest combined with hunched shoulders or appearing so…A lot of guys and some females have this problem and when looked at from the side the chest can even appear to be concave. Even if your rib cage, collarbones and pec’s are not as big as most, considerable improvements can still be achieved.

The first thing to do is to make sure that your posture is always good! Always perform each exercise with a full range of motion and do some suitable stretches after each different exercise. Always perform these disciplines and they will help to stretch the pectoral muscles and the muscles on the rib cage. Use these 3 exercises, with men working with heavier weights and ladies moderate ones:

Women-Barbell or dumb-bell bench press with a wide grip…2-3 sets of 10-12 rep’s per set
Incline barbell or dumb-bell press…same
Dumb-bell flye or cable crossover…same

Men-    Barbell or dumb-bell bench press with a wide grip…3-4 sets of 6-10 rep’s per set
Incline barbell or dumb-bell press…same
Dumb-bell flye or cable crossover…same

Flabby chest in guys caused by being overweight or obese…Only fatty tissue is to blame here and is always present on overweight individuals, with the medical name of
Pseudogynecomastia. A program of exercise, nutritional and lifestyle adjustments will work wonders here and any good Fitness Advisor will be able to suggest and put programs in place in all areas. You will be doing both resistance and cardiovascular work in the gym and should aim to attend 3 to 4 times weekly to ensure that you lose chest fat plus achieve weight loss all over the body. Initially your exercises should be general but gradually chest-specific ones will be introduced. Make sure that your chest program is varied enough to give you all-over symettry.

Gynecomastia in men…this is a quite common problem in which a male displays female-like breast characteristics in one or both breasts. Glandular tissue builds up in the breast caused by an imbalance of two hormones. This may cover all of the breast or often underneath the nipples. Note the term ‘glandular’ as
opposed to adipose or fatty tissue, which is present in gynecomastia but not pseudogynecomastia, although a man with gynecomastia could have both glandular tissue and fat build-up. This problem must be diagnosed by a doctor first of all.

Your doctor might suggest hormone treatment after diagnosis but the individual will certainly benefit from focussed exercise plus dietary and lifestyle changes.

There are proven, natural, alternative systems formulated to help cure both pseudogynecomastia and gynecomastia itself which lots of guys have found to have worked for them.

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